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Integrity - use of values or principles to guide action in the situation at hand.

Below are links and discussion related to the values of freedom, hope, trust, privacy, responsibility, safety, and well-being, within business and government situations arising in the areas of security, privacy, technology, corporate governance, sustainability, and CSR.

Promotional Game Security Procedures - McDonald's, 10.1.04

New McD Game Comes With Tight Security

McDonald's said it has developed three guiding principles to follow for its promotional games:

  • There is no longer a single party overseeing game security.
  • A new technique has been developed whereby independent auditors can authenticate McDonald's game pieces.
  • There will be a random rotation of supplier roles from each game promotion to the next.

    McDonald's said Thursday that it will launch a new systemwide promotional game, "Winning Time," its first such effort since the fiasco with Simon Marketing relating to its "Monopoly" and "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" games.

    The game, which will be unveiled nationally March 25, will be managed by The Marketing Store, Oak Brook, Ill. In connection with the announcement, McDonald's also said that "it has completed a thorough review of its promotional game security procedures" and, in conjunction with a Games Advisory Board, "has developed new game security protocols to protect and ensure the integrity" of its promotional games.

    "Winning Time" will offer a variety of prizes, including cash, personal services, sports cars and special times with celebrities. All prizes can be won by obtaining a winning game piece rather than obtaining a winning collection of game pieces. Game pieces are bilingual and will be attached to Big Mac sandwich, Quarter Pounder with Cheese sandwich, medium, large or Super Size French Fries, hash browns or 32 or 42 ounce drink packaging, per McDonald's. Marketing was not revealed but is expected to include multi-media national efforts, POP and Internet.

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    "We shall need compromises in the days ahead, to be sure. But these will be, or should be, compromises of issues, not principles. We can compromise our political positions, but not ourselves. We can resolve the clash of interests without conceding our ideals. And even the necessity for the right kind of compromise does not eliminate the need for those idealists and reformers who keep our compromises moving ahead, who prevent all political situations from meeting the description supplied by Shaw: "smirched with compromise, rotted with opportunism, mildewed by expedience, stretched out of shape with wirepulling and putrefied with permeation.
    Compromise need not mean cowardice. .."

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy, "Profiles in Courage"


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