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Integrity - use of values or principles to guide action in the situation at hand.

Below are links and discussion related to the values of freedom, hope, trust, privacy, responsibility, safety, and well-being, within business and government situations arising in the areas of security, privacy, technology, corporate governance, sustainability, and CSR.

Protect integrity of Supreme Court, 1.9.04


Proceed with caution. That's our advice to Prime Minister Paul Martin and his Liberal government as they cast about for a more transparent and accountable way to appoint Supreme Court justices.

Canadians are blessed with a high court of knowledgeable, nimble minds and unimpeachable integrity. That matters, especially in an era in which the Charter of Rights and Freedoms must be upheld in the context of rapidly shifting social norms, ever-evolving technology, the erosion of privacy and the need for effective anti-terror laws.

The appointment this week of Madam Justices Louise Charron and Rosalie Abella, two respected jurists, promises to add lustre to a nine-person court already held in high regard in this country and abroad. The court's integrity must be protected, regardless of how justices are to be selected.

Since Confederation, the prime minister has made the appointments, based on vetting by the justice minister who, in turn, consults with the provinces, the bar and law schools to identify the best candidates. The system works. No justice has shown herself or himself to be biased, incompetent or disreputable. And the prime minister's key role is enshrined in the Constitution, so the system cannot be easily changed.

But what is good can be improved. If Ottawa can come up with a process to bring in Parliament and the public, all the better. That is what Justice Minister Irwin Cotler has in mind with his proposal to create a new, broadly based 'judicial advisory committee' to help identify a short list of top candidates from which the prime minister can choose. Cotler hopes to have such a process in place by 2006.



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"We shall need compromises in the days ahead, to be sure. But these will be, or should be, compromises of issues, not principles. We can compromise our political positions, but not ourselves. We can resolve the clash of interests without conceding our ideals. And even the necessity for the right kind of compromise does not eliminate the need for those idealists and reformers who keep our compromises moving ahead, who prevent all political situations from meeting the description supplied by Shaw: "smirched with compromise, rotted with opportunism, mildewed by expedience, stretched out of shape with wirepulling and putrefied with permeation.
Compromise need not mean cowardice. .."

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, "Profiles in Courage"


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