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Integrity - use of values or principles to guide action in the situation at hand.

Below are links and discussion related to the values of freedom, hope, trust, privacy, responsibility, safety, and well-being, within business and government situations arising in the areas of security, privacy, technology, corporate governance, sustainability, and CSR.

McAfee Threat Center, 12.4.06

McAfee Threat Center

AVERTĀ® Labs helps you maintain the highest possible level of security. 100 researchers in 14 countries continuously monitor the latest threats and provide remediation, so that you can stay ahead of the latest threats and respond quickly to emergencies.

The threat dashboard list the latest:

  • Top Malware
  • Current Vulnerabilities
  • Top Potentially Unwanted Programs
  • Latest Spam Activity
  • Top Phish Scams
  • Live Hacker Activity Map
  • Global Threat Condition (sample to the right)
  • Top 10 Spam Subject Lines:
      Listed below are ten of the most common spam subject lines received from customers within the last 24 hours.
      Spam campaigns can change rapidly so any spam, or missed spam, you receive in your inbox may not necessarily correspond with the spam subjects in this list, as these subjects may be blocked by your Anti-Spam software if installed.
      1. today news
      2. great deals on new cars
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      4. Sorry
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      10. Premier

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    "We shall need compromises in the days ahead, to be sure. But these will be, or should be, compromises of issues, not principles. We can compromise our political positions, but not ourselves. We can resolve the clash of interests without conceding our ideals. And even the necessity for the right kind of compromise does not eliminate the need for those idealists and reformers who keep our compromises moving ahead, who prevent all political situations from meeting the description supplied by Shaw: "smirched with compromise, rotted with opportunism, mildewed by expedience, stretched out of shape with wirepulling and putrefied with permeation.
    Compromise need not mean cowardice. .."

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy, "Profiles in Courage"


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